What can I do with that?

Progress monitoring

CodeAll will keep monitoring your progress and motivate you to get back to learning. CodeAll will also remember all of the mistakes that you made and preapre the next lessons to touch the sensitive topics again in the future.

Coding assistance

CodeAll verifies the code written you, indicates errors and assists in writing clean and professional code. CodeAll has a built-in rich code editor in web-browser.

Your initiative

If you want to create something, just tell CodeAll and he will tell you how to do that using CodeAll sensors.

Explore hundreds of inventions that you can make using 13 sensors and actuators.

“CodeAll is a private tutor in your pocket that not only teaches you coding but also gives you lots of fun. That is just cool!”


Paweł Perekietka

secondary school teacher

CodeAll Preview

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Gain access to unlimited features and premium accessories with one of the pricing plans below.

Hi CodeAll
Hi Mat, how are you today? 😃
Fine, thanks. And you?
Never better, I was waiting for you ✋After 8 weeks you are already quite advanced in learning. You’ve got 612 points and you finished 35 lessons.
Like a pro! Good job! 🚀
Your friend Wojtek Nowaczyk yesterday joined CodeAll and sent you an invitation. Do you accept it?
Great, you are now friends and can collaborate together on the code.

You are now friends with Wojtek Nowaczyk 🙌
What can I do for you today?
I am a bit bored.
Let’s don’t waste time.
I have a few exercises for you to repeat. Do you want to repeat now or learn something new?
How is my yesterday’s home alarm doing?
It’s great! 5 people have entered your flat today. Nobody was inside during working hours that you specified, i.e. between 8am and 5 pm.
I want to create e-mail notification for my home alarm.
No problem! I just uploaded your code. Do you know where to start?
OK. You already know objects and classes. Create an object of class Email from package email in the line I highlighted. 💻
Remember, you can always ask me to write the code for you but try first yourself.
Mat, you did it.
Now, add arguments to this object – server address and port.
I don’t know any
Try with these:
server: smtp.codeall.fun
port: 465
Cool, you are doing so well! 🏆
Now invoke method login on this email object. As arguments pass your username and password to your e-mail.
Well, you did it!.
And last thing – invoke method send. As arguments pass: addressee (e-mail address), subject and message.
Mat, what’s wrong, you’re not writing the code. Need help?
Sorry, I had a phone call
No problem, move on.
Can I create a variable with the message of the e-mail?
Good point! Of course
Mat, you did it! 💪

Congrats! You made it! You earned 10 points. 💥
Thanks 😃
Say thanks to yourself.
Now, connect SmartBox and click Upload.
You will get e-mail when somebody breaks into the flat.

Easy to follow

Just talk to the chatbot as you would talk to a normal teacher.

Knowledge verification

Chatbot verifies your knowledge all the time by asking questions and analysing the code written by the user.


Users receive points and badges for well-done tasks.

“CodeAll sensors connect virtual and real world. They allow us to code aby object around us. To make it special and magical.”


Mateusz Jarus

CEO of CodeAll

CodeAll SmartBox

CodeAll SmartBox is a central unit that you may connect to your phone, laptop or tablet. It connects wirelessly with 13 CodeAll IoT sensors. Our chatbot will help you code them.

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

Mesh networking between sensors guarantees large signal range - enough for a 200 square meters house. Low energy usage allows the sensors to work wirelessly even for a few weeks.

All your data in the cloud

CodeAll is accessible through web-browser. Start talking to the chatbot on any device. The history of your conversations and all your codes are stored securely in the cloud.

Voice recognition

You may talk to our chatbot using your voice. Just start talking instead of texting.

WiFi connectivity

SmartBox also connects to your WiFi. You may plug it just to your wall socket and it will still connect with the sensors. Ready to code your home alarm?

Powerful microprocessor inside

2 cores 2GHz, 512 MB RAM. Enough to create amazing things.

Easy setup

Just connect the SmartBox to your phone, computer or tablet and log in to CodeAll. Chatbot will automatically detect it and in a few seconds you will be ready to code.


CodeAll consists of hardware (SmartBox - the central unit and sensors/actuators) and software (chatbot). Find below the most important information about CodeAll

Plug & Play

Just connect and use


SmartBox - the size of a pendrive
Sensors - height/width up to 3cm

SmartBox CPU

Tensilica Xtensa LX6 dual core



Easy coding

In the browser

Programming language

Currently python, more in the future

Chatbot languages

Planned: English, German, French, Polish

Level of teaching

From zero to Junior Developer


with other online services


You may talk to chatbot also over Messenger, Slack and more
Integrate your codes with: IFTTT, Google Docs, mail and more


sensors: light intensity, acceleration, distance, vibration, door/window opening, temperature, humidity, microphone
actuators: smart socket, button, slider, servo


CodeAll was awarded multiple times and took part in many acceleration programs. Take a look at the list.

Google Launchpad Start

We were selected to Google Launchpad Start acceleration program as one of the 10 startups selected in Poland

More here

Kickstart accelerator

We took part in the Swiss Kickstart accelerator in Zurich – one the 30 startups from 900 applicants around the world.

More here

Poznań Leader of Entrepreneurship

We have received a distinction award in the Poznań Leader of Entrepreneurship competition.

More here

National Center for Research and Development

We started a grant from the Polish National Center for Research and Development (the value of the grant: 2 200 000 PLN).

More here

50 Most Creative in Business

We won the 14th position in the 8th edition of 50 Most Creative in Business competition.

More here


We won the second edition of the Edulab competition as the best educational startup in Poland.

More here

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61-612 Poznań


+48 880 338 352