Code the light
to switch on
when someone claps
Create a program
that sends you an e-mail
when you receive a letter
Build and code
a parking sensor
for your car

What is CodeAll?

An extraordinary tool for programming the world around you. Create your own smart surrounding!

CodeAll is for people

from ages 9 to 99+

You don't need any previous coding experience.
You learn while having great fun.
CodeAll teaches you the knowledge needed to become a Junior Developer.

Learning is led by an intelligent assistant named CodeOwl.

CodeOwl leads you through hundreds of lessons, answers questions, detects errors, verifies knowledge and creates revisions.

Programming the environment is possible thanks to wireless sensors.


Light sensor


Motion sensor


temperature and humidity sensor

led light



distance sensor

smart socket

vibration sensor

door/window opening sensor


Course outline

The knowledge gained through CodeAll is a basis that can later be used while working with any and every modern object-oriented programming language.

Together with CodeOwl you will reach the programming level of a Junior Developer. This is comparable to attending a 250 hours long class.