We're CodeAll!

It all started with... a cousin who was enchanted by the vision of creating digital reality. It was he whom Mateusz, the originator and creator of CodeAll, showed how many possibilities programming gives. He asked himself: "Why is this extremely valuable and useful knowledge [...]


How to stop being afraid and start programming?

At this very moment, thousands of people around the world are thinking about starting to learn programming. Some of them have already started their coding adventure, others are wondering [...]


5 ways to learn programming more effectively

Coding is the skill of the future - there's no about that! We believe that everyone, regardless of their age can master it. However, we know that for some people learning new [...]


IT club students at Expansio

Last Friday was a special day for Expansio. We had the pleasure to host a group of teenagers, who are very interested in IT and programming [...]

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