It all started with... a cousin who was enchanted by the vision of creating digital reality. It was he whom Mateusz, the originator and creator of CodeAll, showed how many possibilities programming gives. He asked himself: "Why is this extremely valuable and useful knowledge reserved solely for students of specialised fields of study?" and that was when he decided to create a tool that would help young people to enter the era of programming.

Then it went pretty fast. The prototype of a SmartBox was created (it is a control panel that communicates wirelessly with a set of sensors). By programming sensors accordingly, we can create a car parking sensor, home alarm or occupancy sensor. Anyone who feels like it can freely program this tiny device and adjust it to their own needs. The possibilities are endless!

Currently, the team working on the project consists of 15 people. The lessons are conducted by CodeOwl - a programming assistant who will happily chew the fat with you and guide you through your programming adventure. Step by step, it shows its students which code to use and explains everything in simple words.

Our project is constantly evolving. We are still improving and creating new features, which support mostly young people in gaining the basics of any object oriented language - up to Junior Developer level. All this, at home, at school, alone and with friends.

Programming is a skill that may prove necessary in the future and it is high time it ceased to be obscure and convoluted. The organisations cooperating with us are: Foundation for Conscious Education, Teacher Training Center in Poznań, ImagineLab of the Poznań Science and Technology Park.