At this very moment, thousands of people around the world are thinking about starting to learn programming. Some of them have already started their coding adventure, others are wondering, putting aside their ideas and dreams, treating their plans as something that has no chance of success. Why is this happening?

Fear of failure

For many of us, programming seems to be an extremely convoluted and obscure subject. The ability to think logically, count and accept our failures sounds so demanding to some of us that, despite their great willingness, they don't even try their hand at it. This is a huge mistake! As Mateusz Jarus, the originator and creator of CodeAll, says: "Learning to program can be compared to learning a foreign language. In the future, each of us will need to know how to communicate with the technology that surrounds us."

You don't need any great equipment

Mateusz started his programming adventure on the... bus! It was on his way to school that he read books, which developed his desire to further explore this incredible world. The first computer game was created, passion developed further and finally became a real job. How did it happen that despite the lack of a modern computer, Internet and substantial financial resources Mateusz was among the winners of the TOP500 Innovators Program at Cambridge University?

Programming is fun

Attitude is the key to success

For many, the fear of doing new things is one of the biggest barriers that stop them from reaching their goals. Many of us create negative scenarios in our heads that usually have little to do with reality. What if we started thinking positively? Visualize in your head how successful you are, how happy you feel about the task you completed. Feel that satisfaction, growing motivation and start acting. If there is a failure on your path, think of it as feedback.

Learn how to deal with adversity

Every day, when we observe Mateusz and other programmers at work, it impresses us how quickly they solve any issues. When a given solution does not work, they simply look for a different one to achieve their goal. Dealing with adversity is a matter of training. You can dwell on it, or just accept it, draw conclusions and do things better in the future.

But the most important thing is to take action, start doing something and not give up. Because the biggest risk is... not taking any risk at all.

Accept the fact that you don't know everything

We live in a world where access to information is easier than ever. We are surrounded by materials from which we can draw inspiration and knowledge. Open up to learning, admitting to ignorance and asking for help. There are many institutions and organizations that are willing to share their experience. Closing yourself to others and stubbornly striving for full independence is a simple way to get discouraged. The beauty of creation consists in cooperation, and the most valuable knowledge you can gain comes from other people's experiences

Ask for help

Open up to meeting other, more experienced programmers. Many of them are really open and willing to help! If you want to talk to us, just email us at and tell us your story! :) We'd be happy to get in touch with you and exchange ideas. We are also open for a meeting in our office to discuss the problem with you.

It is important that you learn to ask for help, but also to be able to reach out to others, less experienced than you. You never know from whom you can learn something. It may turn out that observations of someone having less extensive knowledge than yours are more relevant and, consequently, may positively influence your work.

Programming conference members

Monitor your progress

Once you decide to start, try to monitor your development. You will see that after some time, it will be hard to believe how far you've come. This will motivate you and allow you to track your progress. You will be able to see clearly which elements are the most challenging for you and which are already mastered to perfection.

If you decide to use CodeAll, your progress will be recorded in the application. You will always be able to go back to the tasks you worked on before and see what has changed with you. This really makes the whole work much easier!

Diversify your learning strategy

And finally , the simplest advice - don't limit yourself! If you really want to learn programming, let yourself be a little crazy. Try new things, ask seemingly illogical questions, mix different interest fields and play with it, because programming is great fun!

We wish all novice programmers success!

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