Last Friday was a special day for Expansio. We had the pleasure to host a group of teenagers, who are very interested in IT and programming. They were students of the School and Kindergarten Complex No. 6 in Poznań attending the classes of the IT club. Each of them had already programmed - not only in Scratch (in visual language), but also in Python using real code. The students wanted to see what is it like to be a programmer, so they paid us a visit.

We started with a short introduction. Mateusz told the students what exactly developers and graphic designers do in Expansio and what mobile application development is about.

The CEO of Expansio is presenting CodeAll mockups

We also described what CodeAll is and how its sensors work, and how can they be used. One of the students' ideas was to program the sensor to prevent unwanted guests from entering their rooms by scanning their faces. Brilliant idea, right? 😊

Then, using their phones, the teenagers had the opportunity to talk with a programming assistant - CodeOwl and enter their own response suggestions. We had a good laugh, because CodeAll can surprise you:

- What is your name? I am CodeOwl! I am a virtual owl and I teach programming How old are you? I'm mature enough not to judge a book by its cover, but my inner child is still ageless. Do you do any sports? My favorite sport is short distance flying and surfing the web. And what's yours? Programming doesn't count! :D

Students are chatting with CodeOwl

Next task consisted in inventing a mobile application. The students decided to create a game. After discussing the ideas for the game world and the characters, the teenagers were divided into two groups. The first group - the frontend - was dealing with the visual part of the game, i.e. painting the world and the main character of the game, i.e. a soldier who collects ammunition, treasures and fights opponent. The second group- the backend - focused on creating variables, conditional instructions and methods that would "remember" the state of the main character of the game and allow to control him.

After completing the task, the group representatives showed the effects of their work.

The soldier in the game collected treasures and ammunition, had a limited number of lives, after completing certain tasks he moved on to the next board, collected experience points and much more. The teenagers made sure that game has an appropriate menu, that there is a possibility to change settings and a detailed explanation of how to control the character in the game.

And all this was programmed on a piece of paper! Big one, but no computer was needed and nobody had a problem with writing variables, methods or conditional instructions correctly.

Students are designing their application

At the end, each student received a diploma, gadgets and their work for further development.

The effects of these teenagers' work were really amazing. We are shocked how much programming knowledge these 12 and 13 year olds have and how interested they are in the functioning of software house!

We believe that they will be great programmers!

Thank you for visiting us and we wish you good luck in your further learning and then working life! Who knows, maybe one day we will meet again? 😊

Diploma for participation in Expansio workshops