Parents and teachers all over the world are beginning to notice the great opportunity that joint programming gives. Every day we come across new stories describing ingenious characters. What moves us in every such story is the incredible bond formed between the creators and the audience. Sometimes this bond is created between the initiators of the project, and sometimes between the originators and recipients.


Programming together

It is no longer a surprise that common inventing, creating and overcoming obstacles builds a connection between the child and the carer. Discussions, deliberations, seeking answers to questions, solving problems become a kind of mission in which whole family should involve. Children learn that they are fully-fledged members of the "team" and take the tasks assigned to them very seriously.

A beautiful example is the game created together by father - Ryan Creighton and his daughter - Cassandra. Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure is popular around the world. It's a game in which we accompany a pony on his adventure. Cassandra, who attends primary school, likes to build fortresses and dress up her cat, was responsible for the graphics - she drew all the characters in the game and voiced them. Her father took care of the programming issues. The game became a phenomenon!

Ryan and Cassandra talked about their idea and cooperation during TedX Toledo. We were amazed by the commitment of this little girl, who took up the challenge and worked at full speed for one weekend to complete the task (the game was finished in 2 days, as part of Weekend Game Jam). According to Ryan, there are much more things you can do with your children than just going to the swimming pool or watching TV.You can and should get involved in projects that at first glance may seem demanding for them, but later on they turn out to be a success and become a source of pride.

You can watch the whole performance of this extraordinary duet here.

Caring for the elderly

Caring for the elderly thanks to programming

Another quite incredible example is Kenneth Shinozuka, who, unlike Cassandra, acted completely independently. His goal was to create a device that could help him care for his grandfather, suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Kenneth noticed that his grandfather often gets up at night and puts himself in danger. Kenneth's aunt couldn't afford to sleep in peace, because she was always afraid that something bad would happen. That's why the young creator invented a sensor attached to his grandparent's sock. Now when the old man gets up from the bed and puts his feet on the floor, a warning sound appears and the caregiver sees a warning notice on the screen of their smartphone.

But that's not all! Kenneth also developed an idea for a set of sensors to be mounted in the bathroom, "watching over" elderly people who may lose their balance and fall down while using the toilet. In case of any danger, the carer is informed that his help is necessary.

What's particularly moving in this story is the combination of great love, creativity and hard work. You can see how young Kenneth's ideas look and work here.

It works both ways


Can programming only connect younger with older people? Of course not! Only recently has 81-year-old Japanese programmer became famous by creating a phone application.

Her work is a game that was initially aimed at people her age, but younger recepients went crazy about it too! Mrs. Masako Wakamiya spent over six months on creating it. Interestingly, she developed her passion for computers in her 60s! During her adventure she met and befriended younger programmers who infected her with the love for programming.

We hope you have no doubts that programming unites generations at this point! Joint creation is like an invisible thread that allows to build unique and strong bonds between people. Programming is something more than just spending time together. It's about taking challenges, solving problems, providing help and having great fun. But you will never know it until you try! :)