Did you know that the diet of dingo dogs consists of fish, crabs, echidnas and fruit? And that there are 1229 sheep breeds in the world? Or that at the top of Mt. Everest, water boils at 68 °C (154 °F)? Neither do we! But we learned this and much more thanks to the cooperation with students of several schools in Poznań.

How did this happen?

At the beginning of this year we started wondering what we could do to make the chatbot as teenage-friendly as possible and to communicate with young people in "their language". After all, CodeAll was created with this target group in mind! At some point Mateusz suggested: "Let's hold a contest with prizes and visit some schools!". We all agreed that it was an amazing idea and just a few days later we started visiting primary and high schools in Poznań.


A positive surprise

We didn't expect the students to be so involved in the contest and provide the chatbot with such a significant amount of knowledge. Every day, each participant could enter up to 20 reply suggestions. Each week the chatbot base increased by over 400 suggestions, 70% of which were accepted! Interestingly, the winner of the third round managed to enter the maximum number of suggestions within a week (140), which were very impressive and we were happy to accept all of them. The competition was extremely fierce! We saw that all the participants were trying to introduce the most interesting and original suggestions. And we regret that there are only three places on the podium...


Contest in numbers

The contest arrtacted 135 students aged 11 to 16 from four schools in Poznań. Thanks to four rounds (one week each) the chatbot's database increased from about 400 to about 1800. 30% of the suggestions were rejected due to their low substantive value or the existence of identical or very similar responses in our database. However, among the remaining 70% there were some real gems - funny, interesting and astonishing! We are really surprised by the level of knowledge of the participants.


What are we planning next?

Thanks to amazing participants of our contest, we already have quite a large collection of the chatbot's answers. That is why we moved on to intensive development of its programming knowledge and teaching skills. If you would like to support us in this venture, let us know!

Thank you all again for participating in the contest! Big hand for you! 😀

thank you