There is an infinite number of different types of chatbots on the market, which support people while looking for answers to various questions, making reservations, shopping online or making an initial valuation of a product or service. There are also plenty of solutions for learning to program - online courses, bootcamps and textbooks for learners at different levels. We have noticed, however, that there are no tools that would allow young people to take their first steps in programming and to acquire this knowledge in a friendly and natural way. We decided to respond to their needs and this is how CodeAll was created.

The missing piece

The missing piece

LittleBits, Kano, Scratch or Blockly are solutions for children up to 12 years old. They do not teach the real code, i.e. students do not create commands, variables, conditional statements, etc. themselves, but only use coding blocks, which when connected create a ready-made program.

Codecademy and KhanAcademy are another group of solutions, but rather for learners at Junior Developer level. People using these web-based courses create programs from simple to more advanced using real code, which can be too challenging for teenagers.

Learning coding

The last group consists of accelerated courses, such as DevBootcamp or Udemy, as well as platforms allowing to program circuits, such as Arduino. These are, however, solutions for slightly more advanced learners who want to broaden their skills in specific areas.

As you can easily notice, there is no element connecting the first and second group of solutions - something that would get teenagers from playing with coding blocks to entering all the components of the code on their own and finally reach the Junior Developer level.

Response to the need

Freedom of choice of time and place for study

CodeAll is a response to the market demand for a tool that will be able to expand the knowledge of those who have already used the solutions from the first group or those who are just beginning their adventure with programming. Lessons in CodeAll start from very simple and their level of difficulty increases with the subsequent tasks.

The learner can always count on a hint from a personal assistant - CodeOwl - a friendly and experienced owl, or talk with him about non-programming issues if they need a break. :) It is worth mentioning that CodeAll gives its pupils the freedom of choice of time and place for study! Learners have the possibility to code using both their computer and mobile devices and the assistant is at their disposal at any time of day!

There is no room for boredom

Coding is fun

Additionaly, to further spice up learning and motivate students, CodeAll offers several sensors that can be programmed to influence their environment, e.g. a home alarm, a parking sensor or a clap switch.

And all this to make young people realize that programming is not an area that is detached from reality, but something that affects our lives and mastering it can pay off in the future. But I will write more about it in the next post. :)