Chatbot that teaches coding

Your private programming tutor.
Code intelligent environment.

  • Hi Mat! You have not coded since yesterday.
  • Show me sth new 😁
  • We may code the light to turn on after clapping 👏
  • Or create a home alarm.

a memo button

Create a code that will send you an e-mail every time you press a button. It will remind you to do your homework later!

Call for help!

Is your code not working? Call for assistance! At any moment, you have the possibility to contact a programming teacher, who will help you with any programming troubles.


CodeAll consists of hardware (SmartBox - the central unit and sensors/actuators) and software (chatbot). Find below the most important information about CodeAll

Plug & Play

just connect and use


SmartBox - the size of a pendrive Sensors - height/width up to 3cm

SmartBox CPU

Tensilica Xtensa LX6 dual core



Easy coding

in the browser

Programming language

Currently python, more in the future

Chatbot languages

Planned: English, German, French, Polish

Level of teaching

From zero to Junior Developer


with other online services


You may talk to chatbot also over Messenger, Slack and more
Integrate your codes with: IFTTT, Google Docs, mail and more


sensors: light intensity, acceleration, distance, vibration, door/window opening, temperature, humidity, microphone
actuators: smart socket, button, slider, servo


CodeAll was awarded multiple times and took part in many acceleration programs. Take a look at the list.

Google Launchpad Start

We were selected to Google Launchpad Start acceleration program as one of the 10 startups selected in Poland.
More here

Kickstart accelerator

We took part in the Swiss Kickstart accelerator in Zurich – one the 30 startups from 900 applicants around the world.
More here

Poznań Leader of Entrepreneurship

We have received a distinction award in the Poznań Leader of Entrepreneurship competition.
More here

EnlightED at South Summit

CodeAll was selected as one of ten best educational startups from over 500 applications in the EnlightED competition
More here

50 Most Creative in Business

We won the 14th position in the 8th edition of 50 Most Creative in Business competition.
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We won the second edition of the Edulab competition as the best educational startup in Poland.
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