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Programming without limits

We have created an AI-based chatbot that will teach you programming theory and immediately show you how to put that knowledge into practice. All you need is a smartphone, a USB cable and some sensors from CodeAll to create working mechanisms from scratch.

So whether you’re looking for a way to learn a programming language professionally, dreaming of creating a Smart Home, or just feeling like having fun, you’ll find something for yourself at CodeAll.

Explore, transform and code the reality around you

Build automatic lighting, a home weather station and a burglar alarm.

Regulate the temperature in your home, recognize callers by voice or adjust the volume of music to the level of air humidity.

We have over a dozen of wireless sensors, like temperature sensor, button, vibration sensor, microphone, display, accelerometer and many more.

The possibilities are endless. It’s all up to your imagination!

CodeAll has everything you need to draw you into the world of coding


An Intelligent
and friendly chatbot

Our chatbot - CodeOwl is always there to provide advice and knowledge. It can also write code for you, or simply be a conversation partner


Motivating challenges

Compete with other users in rankings. Earn achievements and rewards for your progress


Over a dozen ready-made sensors

With which you will turn your home into an interactive entertainment center. Choose the ones that you find the most interesting


Hundreds of diverse scenarios

That is, collections of lessons that will show you what coding is actually all about, and how to apply it in the real world


CodeAll kits


What's inside the box?

You may buy individual sensors or the whole package. The size of the box and its contents depend on what you choose. Here is an example with:

Collect data from all over the world

CodeAll will show you how to download data from social networks, streaming services or any other sites you can think of. You can make the color of the lighting in your room change with each new follower. All it takes is a few lines of code!

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Have a question? We have the answer!

CodeAll has no age restrictions. If you want to learn programming or just play with the sensors, our app is for you

Other apps won’t let you test your code on physical hardware. Sensors allow you to translate initially difficult, abstract concepts into the real world.

Additionaly, development paths in other applications are predetermined. At CodeAll, our chatbot can advise you and supplement the knowledge you need.

The app has a very simple, user-friendly interface. No programming experience is needed. You can choose your path yourself or let the chatbot assign you to the right lesson based on your skills.

At the core of the chatbot lies our original engine that uses artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, the chatbot is able to write, verify and correct user code. In addition, it explains programming concepts and teaches how to create a specific program at the user's request.

Yes, during the course you will learn to understand object-oriented code and write simple programs. This is the first step to professional development and becoming a Junior Developer.

Dzieciaki z czujnikami

The application itself is free, and the only component you have to pay for is the sensors. Using them is not required, but programming with sensors greatly increases the possibilities and enriches the user experience

Each sensor has a single function, and their prices vary depending on their complexity. Some may be more versatile than others (for example, a slider or a microphone compared to a humidity sensor).

So in the beginning, it’s worth buying a ready-made kit of selected, basic sensors. The minimum required to start programming is a SmartBox, SmartPower and any sensor.

The material in CodeAll is divided into short segments. Completing one takes no longer than than 5-10 minutes. So if you want to segment your studies, our chatbot will help you make the right plan!

With CodeAll you will learn how to write a program that will connect to the APIs of popular services such as Google Sheets, Facebook, Spotify or Twitter. All you have to do is agree to connect CodeAll to your profile on one of these sites during the lesson.

Both the app and the sensors work with all iOS and Android phones.
The sensors can be connected via either USB-C or microUSB input (with an adapter).

In CodeAll we have implemented our own code editor, which allows you to select phrases from tiles with prompts. This makes writing much faster.

You will learn what variables, types and operators are, how to debug code, use loops, functions, conditional statements, recursion and much, much more!



To maximize learning outcomes, the project also involved experts in didactics, psychology and other educationally related fields.

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