The idea of CodeAll started in 2016 when Mateusz Jarus (CEO) met his 16 years old cousin, Michał. He wanted to learn coding but didn't know where and how to start. Mateusz spent just one hour with him. Instead of explaining the details of programming he decided to show him an Open Source web-browser game. He also modified the source code of the game, changing the flying plane in the game a little. Together they changed the width of the wings, their colour, speed of the plane and so on. After a few attempts Michał was able to modify small portions of the code on his own. This one hour had unexpected implications. Michał got interested in coding so much that he wanted to know more. In just 6 months he mastered the basics of programming languages and wrote tens of little programs. Mateusz wondered - would it be possible to automate the process of learning coding? He came up with the idea of a chatbot. Mateusz hired a team of developers and made a prototype of CodeAll in the browser. He also got a grant to do research at schools - he wanted to know how students like to learn coding, what interests them and what is too difficult to understand. He understood that going beyond the computer is especially interesting. That's how the idea of CodeAll wireless sensors came into existence.

In 2017 the project was selected as one of only ten startups in Poland to Google Launchpad Start acceleration program. 40 mentors from all around the world helped us in creating the product from multiple perspectives. We analysed the educational value of the product, the possibility to scale-up the project, the demand of the market, ease of use, target users, market entry, potential revenues and marketing.

In the same year CodeAll was selected as the most promising educational startup in Poland in the Edulab competition. The team won 1 000 000 PLN to further develop the product. It was an uforgettable experience, proving a huge potential of CodeAll.

CodeAll was also selected to the prestigious Swiss Kickstart acceleration program. During this time the team presented the product to Swiss companies and educational institutions, making it possible to start cooperation with them.

CodeAll was presented at many fairs and conferences. Africa currently invests heavily into education. That's why CodeAll was selected by the Marshall Office to represent the Wielkopolska Region at [ICT Education] fairs in Rwanda. Next year Expansio took part in the [...] mission to the Republic of South Africa. It allowed us to understand the African market and start collaboration with the African companies and government organisations in order to introduce CodeAll on their market.

Currently CodeAll is being intensively developed. 14 sensors and an intelligent chatbot are planned to be created. They will allow to create lots of different scenarios and become Junior Developer.

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