Please read the most frequently asked questions here.

The idea of CodeAll started in 2016. It is a product of Expansio Sotware House. Since then the project was selected to acceleration programs in Poland and abroad, presented at many conferences in Europe and Africa and tested at multiple schools. During this time we have collected the most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your question below, please drop us a line at hello@codeall.fun .

CodeAll chatbot will be available for free, so that anyone will be able to start learning programming without paying. If you would like to make the effects of coding more interesting and fun, you will be able to buy CodeAll sensors and interact with the environment.

There are 14 CodeAll sensors and actuators:

– 9 sensors that monitor sounds, vibrations, distance, light, temperature, humidity, opening of door/window, acceleration;
- 4 user input/output: button, slider, smart socket, display;
– 1 actuator: servo.

CodeAll will allow you to create more than 200 different scenarios, like a car parking sensor, home alarm, managing the lighting, getting a notification when a new snail mail arrives or your washing machine stops working.

CodeAll sensors are used for making the effects of coding more enjoyable and fun.

CodeAll by Expansio. All rights reserved.